Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sunday 21.6: Overhead, Hspu, Dips + Run

Sunday. AM: Overhead technique. Gymnastics, 50 hspu, 30 ring dips. PM: 5k run, mobility.

Damn I'm crushed due to yesterday's brutal workout. Those deadlifts killed my back and lower body. And the long emom just wore me down completely. At least my body feels totally smashed. Energy levels were not great to be honest even though there was plenty of food and recovery on Saturday. We decided to go to the gym together with Pauliina but it was definitely a light session for me this time.

On the evening run


  • Tecnique for push press, push jerk, split jerk
  • Light weight, 40-65kg

Just took some complexes of presses and jerks. Stayed light with the weights in order to give my body a rest. I was mostly concentrating on my fiancé's press work. Getting her shoulders stronger. Proud of her putting effort on these awesome movements. Shoulder presses, push presses, push jerks and even some split jerks were witnessed. Great job! Natural talent.


  • Not for time of:
  • 50 handstand push-ups
  • 30 ring dips

After pounding the bar for some time it was time to let it be and work bodyweight movements. Got 20-10-10-10 handstand push-ups for fun, and then 3x10 ring dips. Not for time, no pressure, just get the work done. Do your thing and smile.

20 hspu


  • Run 5 kilometers
  • Mobility

In the evening I went for a 5k run in a beautiful weather. Wanted to flush the legs and get some blood flowing in the entire body. It felt surprisingly light to run. I was afraid my back would be too tight to run but it didn't bother at all.

This route was a bit over 5k. I had a mobility break at midway. Basically did some hip and hamstring drills and hung from a pull-up bar multiple times to let my shoulders enjoy the moment. I read from somewhere that hanging from a bar would improve shoulder mobility in the long run. I've added that to my warm-up routines because they really need that. It might be beneficial to spend more time on the pull-up bar though.

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