Monday, June 15, 2015

Monday 15.6: Squats, Sled, Dips, Ghd

Monday. Back squat 8x2 (max 135kg). Every 2:30 sled pull / sled push, for 30min, 20m @ 160kg. Metcon, 5rds of: 10 dips, 15 ghd.

Spent 2:30 hours at the gym which was great as it was a bummer I didn't have time to squat yesterday. That knocked at the back of my head for the day so it was good to get that out of the system right away on Monday afternoon. Quite a few doubles, then finished my lower body by pushing and pulling a heavy sled for half an hour. Took some action with thrusters and bar mu's, then a metcon, and finished the session with handstand + mobility.

Couldn't live without avocados!

  • Back squat 8x2 (120, 125, 130, 135, 135, 130, 125, 120kg)
This was eights doubles with rather short recovery between sets. I got a tip couple of sessions ago from one of the coaches. He emphasized the importance of having elbows right under the barbell. Don't let them fall back but keep them along the same vertical line with the barbell. Check. Feels more solid, it's a tight pack when elbows are pointing down instead of back.

Focus today was on elbows, deep squats, tight core, and squeezing butt cheeks. I feel like I accomplished the goals well. There's nothing I felt like was missing big time today. Pretty solid squats. Happy man. The heaviest sets really were heavy, 135kg is no joke for me. Okay I've lifted 150kg for a single once in my life but the entity must be in good shape to lift 140+ kilos. I'd say I can take 140kg any day as a heavy lift but heavier lifts than that are very demanding.


  • Every 2:30 minutes, for 30 minutes
  • First 15 minutes: 20m sled pull @ 160kg
  • Last 15 minutes: 20m sled push @ 160kg
This was brutal stuff. Every two and a half minutes I pulled the sled for 15 minutes, then a short break as I let some other dude warm-up with the sled. Then another 15 min session by pushing the sled. I had 160kg on the sled for the entire time. That excludes the weight of the sled, no idea how much that weighs.

This was the first time I pulled a sled like this. The point was that I walked backwards, holding a rope that went around the handles of the sled, leaned back, kept my eyes straight (which means they were pointed to the ceiling), lats tightly together like in a deadlift / pull-up or pretty much any pulling movement. Then just slowly walked backwards for 20 meters. This started to become really heavy and the time domain was just perfect. Had to shake my legs after each set.

I was done after the 6x20m pulls but decided to continue to a similar set of pushes. Another 15 minutes of pain and agony. But it worked perfectly. My legs were about to go numb so I'm looking for those gains in the long run!

  • 5 rounds of:
  • 10 dips
  • 15 ghd sit-ups
Took me some time to get my head back in the game after sled work. Didn't have a timer running but that didn't change the name of the game. This was a metcon. The movements won't put my breathing to a real test though. Dips were the tougher one even though there were only 10 reps per round. Rings were occupied by someone for ring rows so I did stationary dips instead. Went unbroken each round. Last 2 rounds were a good battle.

Ghd's are in my wheelhouse. Core is strong enough to allow me to move constantly on this movement. Maybe I should program a high rep ghd in some workout in a chipper style like they had in the Regionals. I had probably 40 reps per round some time ago with this one and those felt good too.

  • Thrusters
  • Bar muscle-ups
  • Handstand hold against the wall
Some action to accompany the actual training session. Thrusters didn't feel too good on my shoulders, and bar muscle-ups ripped one torn piece of my hand open again so the bloody palm was too much to handle. Some handstand training nose facing the wall in the end.

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