Thursday, June 11, 2015

Thursday 11.6: Push jerk, Box, Hspu, Ghd, Snatch

Thursday. Emom x 10min: 3 tng push jerk @ 70kg. Metcon, 4rds of: 10 hspu, 20 box. Time, 5.19. Metcon, 3rnft of: 10 db snatch (30kg), 20 ghd.

We were about to go and see some friends and their newborn baby in the evening so there wasn't a lot of extra time after work. Had about an hour altogether anyway so it was gonna be a good one. First some shoulder work on the jerks, then an intense metcon, and finally another short one to finish the deal. Good session!

  • Every minute on the minute x 10min
  • 3 push jerk, 70kg
Presses and jerks are the way to increase shoulder strength. I'd like to see them getting bigger and stronger. Haven't really put the effort though because those nagging pains occasionally in elbows / shoulders. Not extreme ones but they have prevented me from getting as high volume as I'd like to.

Today there was zero pain so I wanted to have jerk work done. Took lighter sets to warm-up after doing some mobility on the shoulders, and actually entire body. Lats felt a little tight from yesterday's pull-ups but other than that my body felt great all the way.

I took the first couple of sets by front racking the bar and walking forward, and after jerks walked backwards to re-rack the barbell. That felt really weird so I went traditionally and faced the squat rack in most of the sets. My camera's memory card was full so it's impossible to get a look at the videos. Here's the first set, and then one extra round after I emptied some space on camera. Felt a little shaky in both of them. Easy to say that these were the only ones, most of the sets were steady =)

Metcon. Time, 5.19
  • 4 rounds of:
  • 10 handstand push-ups
  • 20 box jump
My plan was to do 10 hspu, 15 ghd, and 20 box. After first round of handstand push-ups I started walking towards ghd, and someone else just jumped on it and kept it occupied for couple of minutes. I decided to move right away on the box jumps. It was still taken after 2 rounds so I modified this on the fly to 4rds of hspu's and boxes.

Actually this was probably much more intense than the original one would have been. I was able to keep a legit pace from first to last round, and went unbroken on both movements. It was surprising that hspu's didn't hit me in the face at least on the last round. I felt like I could have done 1-2 more rounds unbroken with the same pace. That's what I want to believe. It would have most likely gone very mental at some point.

Heart rate was high, there is no doubt about it. Box jumps are a good tool to boost that. This was a high rep workout with 80 box jumps so it's quite natural it starts to burn the lower body too. Very good and intense stuff happened today.


  • 3 rounds not for time of:
  • 10 dumbbell snatch, 30kg, alternating
  • 20 ghd sit-ups
This was a similar short workout. Even though I didn't have a clock running, it didn't change the way I attacked the workout. The reason for not timing this was that it was not sure if I'd have access to the ghd machine.

Don't know if I've snatches 30kg dumbbells before today. Well, okay 32kg kettlebell has been flying up and down but this dumbbell thing has mostly been 25kg. Not that there's a huge difference but it was quite heavy. Did them alternating hands after each rep. Ghd's went unbroken. Last round was a bit tough but went down nicely.

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