Saturday, June 13, 2015

Saturday 13.6: Snatch pulls, Snatch

Saturday.Snatch pulls 5x3 (max 100kg). Emom x 21min, snatch (max 64kg).

Summer seems to be here! I will not complain, this is our favorite time of the year. So we spent the practically the entire day in downtown Helsinki, walking around and making couple of purchases. The city was crowded with people, looked like we were not the only ones. In the evening it was some quality time at the gym with my baby. Snatches all the way.


  • Snatch pulls 5x3 (70, 90, 100, 100, 100kg)

Last time I did snatches, there were some pulls right before and it really felt like that is the key for me to better lifts. It creates awareness on the weaker positions of the snatch and it forced me to move the barbell slower up my shins. Now after 3 years of crossfit I realize that. Okay, it has been told before right at my face but the reasoning has been vague so I have ignored that. I'm happy the guys coached me last time on this movement.

Bringing the bar up slower up to my knees allows me to focus on pulling my knees out of the way, and lifting the barbell up to my hips before pulling the bar with traps. Before I have been hasty with my pull and have bounced the bar already from my thighs. This feels much different. Some day it's gonna look like a real snatch =)


  • Every minute on the minute
  • 1-3min: 40kg
  • 4-6min: 45kg
  • 7-9min: 50kg
  • 10-12min: 55kg
  • 13-15min: 60kg
  • 16-18min: 62kg
  • 19-21min: 64kg

This day concentrated fully on snatches. My confidence level took a huge boost after last snatch day, and it carried through this day. Got to have more of these days when full focus is on snatches. I felt like the bar path was much better on the spot than before, and there was no doubt at any weight whether I'm gonna go under the bar or not. Sometimes in the past I've had those classic doubts before pulling the bar from ground.

Next step is to get used to these heavier weights. Feels kind of funny to say 60+ kilos are heavy but each lift beyond that is actually heavy for me! I want to see this lift become as solid as cleans are nowadays. I'm super happy on the weights I was able to move today, and with zero misses boom!

Mobility is one thing to improve as you probably can see from the recap. Depth is shallow and most of the lifts are power snatches to be honest. I'll take them anyway currently. I'll do my best to go deeper in the future.

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