Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday 26.6: Squat, S2O, Lunges, Ghd

Friday. Back squat 3x10 @ 100kg. Metcon, 3rds of: 30 s2o (35kg), 25 lunges, 20 ghd sit-ups. Time, 9.42.

These legs have been smashed for couple of days so I've been missing squats ever since. Today was the first day I dared to put a barbell on my back (or front rack) for squatting purposes. For the metcon I wanted to have high reps each round on the jerks, and this plan was great.

  • Back squat 3x10, across (100kg)
Decided to "stay comfortable" on the load. This was same weight each round, just got more reps per round in order to get some volume in. This worked well to get these legs activated again. Getting back to action. Need to squat more, there's no doubt about it. One of the best decisions this far in the past three years was to complete the Smolov squat program last fall. Mobility increased tremendously and legs got stronger.

Squats 3x10

Metcon. Time, 9.42
  • 3 rounds of:
  • 30 shoulder-to-overhead, 35kg
  • 25 walking lunges
  • 20 ghd sit-ups
Pauliina suggested one day to do high rep workouts with a barbell. I got inspired by that prep talk and programmed this one. The beef in this one was obviously the s2o's, 30 reps with even a light weight starts to take its toll on the shoulders. I got the first round unbroken with a good burn on the shoulders. Second and third round were identical on the rep scheme: 20-10 reps.

I started lunging right away after barbell work, no need to pause at this point. Went 13 long lunges one way, and 12 reps back down. Same here, just keep on walking. There were some walking around the gym between the stations so that was my rest period.

Ghd's were good each round. I hopped on the machine, and bounced those 20 reps in a row each round. On the last round they got tough but there was no doubt I'd go ub each round. I was more concerned how the 30 jerks would look like. After completing first and second round I had to shake my arms a bit to get a big set of jerks done on the first attempt.

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