Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Tuesday 9.6: Snatch pulls, Snatch

Tuesday. Snatch pulls 5x3 (max 100kg). Snatch (max 3x60kg).

It was all about snatch work. And finally some light at the end of the tunnel. There was a couple at the gym yesterday and we all did cleans. I noticed already then that these guys are having great technique. Today we got in to talks and it turned out they are weightlifters, and the girl actually had a coach's certificate in weightlifting. I asked for tips on my snatch and it really helped. Appreciate the help I received!

  • Snatch pulls 5x3 (70, 90, 100, 100, 100kg)
The key to success seemed to be snatch pulls. My biggest problems include quick first pull which makes it difficult to control the barbell and direct it through a perfect bar path. The barbell was so heavy that it was not going to be too fast. Another thing - and probably the biggest problem - is where the bar makes contact with the body.

It tends to touch somewhere around mid-thigh to semihigh-thigh. Never at the hips though. And that's exactly where it should take place. Having a bigger load on the barbell made me have patience with the pull, and thus the bar touched on the hips every single time.

Recap of the day

  • Squat snatch 5x30, 5x40, 5x40, 3x45, 4x50, 3x50, 3x55, 3x60kg
I took the snatches by feeling. Basically the idea was that I wanted to focus on the same bar path as with the snatch pulls. Having patience on the first pull. That was one of the key tips I got today. I really felt I got the contact point much higher today. These are all self evident points but having someone tell it right at your face after your lifts and correcting it right away makes a difference.

All this work resulted in me doing a triple at 60kg which is much better than ever before in my life. Doing them in squat snatches was freaking awesome. Plus, the cherry on the cake was the last rep being the best of them all. Got to work more on this movement now that I got some momentum on =)

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