Monday, June 22, 2015

Monday 22.6: Muscle-ups, Row

Monday. Ring mu's 20 reps. Bar mu's 20 reps. Metcon, 2.000m row, c2b's.

Today's session was going to be weightless. Time seemed perfect for muscle-ups, and so it was. I was pumped to get back on the rings after having a break on them for a while. Not only ring mu's but also bar muscle-ups afterwards. Like my pulling strength wasn't shot already I had planned for 50 c2b's at the end for time. 2k row being the twist prior to those pull-ups.

  • Ring muscle-ups 20 reps (4-4-2-4-4-2 reps)
  • Bar muscle-ups 20 reps (8-6-6 reps)
I enjoyed every single rep on the rings. Good warm-up, then jumped on the rings and started working. Plan was to hit couple of sets, check how it feels like and also pay attention to my hands that tend to be sensitive in this kind of challenges. They were okay on the ring muscle-ups. Didn't have any protection, no tapes, no natural grips because my hands were in good condition prior to this session.

I took a set of 4 reps and decided to hang on to that rep scheme in the following sets too. Got it on the second. Unfortunately I only got the third session on tape which was the worst I had during the day. Or let's say the first 2 reps of that set were good, and felt smooth but on the third rep I had my left hand loose and not tight against my body so I missed that rep. Better have it tight every single time.

What I'm happy about is the fact that my feet stayed together and body was much tighter than before. Swing is bigger than it used to be and overall it feels like the package is tighter. Naturally there's lot of edges to be smoothened but I'm happy on the development!

Third set

It also seemed like a good idea to work on bar muscle-ups afterwards. I took the first set for 8 reps, walked around the gym and repeated it for 2 more sets of 6 reps each. These felt in my core. Much more compared to t2b's or ghd's. Now it feels like something was really done with core =)

On the downside I got a bruise on to the middle of my left palm. Can you imagine, a small bruise. Well, I thought that doesn't mind. My metcon was waiting for me so I sat down for couple of minutes, and prepared myself mentally for that one.

  • 2.000m row
  • 50 chest-to-bar pull-ups
This was not going to be fun. That was my first instinct. Rowing and pull-ups are not friends with each other. Lots of pulling. When I started crossfitting I remember there was one event at the national cf games which consisted of these two elements. It was amrap of c2b's in 8 minutes. You just had to row 2k first before getting to the pull-ups. Nasty one. Should you row hard to leave enough time for c2b's. Or should you take it a notch slower and save energy to the other element.

My plan was to row at about 1.50 because I wanted to dominate the c2b's. Well, dominate is a bit of a strong expression. I wanted to do good on them. That's more appropriate. That blister that had formed on my hand explodes somewhere between 10-15 c2b's, and blood was running on my palm. Didn't want to risk the upcoming week of training so this metcon had to wait for better hand condition. Decided to stop it at 15 reps. That sucked but my muscle-ups rocked well today and I'll take those gains back home with me!

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