Thursday, June 18, 2015

Thursday 18.6: Clean complex, Burpee, Box, Lunges

Thursday. Complex, build up to a heavy max of: 1 hang clean + 1 clean + front squat. Result, 100kg. Metcon, 12min amrap of: 8 burpee, 12 box, 16 walking lunges (2x15kg db's). Result, 224 reps.

Got a chance to workout with Jasper. Good vibes are written all over that kind of session. We worked on different things but it didn't matter. Metcon took as long time so we shared the pain and encouraged each other to push further. Started the session with some clean work.


  • Build up to a heavy set of:
  • 1 hang squat clean
  • 1 full clean
  • 1 front squat
  • Weights: 40, 60, 70, 80, 85, 90, 95, 100kg
  • Couple of clean singles at the end at 100kg

This was fun as it always is when you give me a barbell and allow me to do cleans in any form. Doesn't matter if it's floor or hang cleans, squat or power. Clean is such a great movement I could do it all day, all night.

Today's agenda was a complex, working different positions. Taking the lift from hang which means to say there is not as much time to get under the bar. I realized my feet got a little bit front on the hang cleans. When I took the bar from ground my feet stayed where they were supposed to.

I'm pretty happy on the cleans. Not the best I've had but okay ones. Hips felt a bit tight which influenced on the smoothness of the movement. My max weight for hang clean is probably 105kg so this was pretty good stuff anyway that went on today. Front squats were pretty light, at least comparing to the cleans. In the end I took some cleans with 100kg, and finished each of those sets with a front squat.


Metcon. Result, 224 reps (6 rounds + 8 burpee)

  • 12min amrap of:
  • 8 burpee
  • 12 box jump
  • 16 walking lunges, 2x15kg dumbbells

At first I had jerks, accompanied with burpees and boxes but it felt like it's better to move mostly bodyweight, and leave barbells alone this time. Subbed jerks to lunges with dumbbells. Jasper warned me about this triplet, and suggested to change one element to a more upper body element because he saw the future and told me it's gonna murder my legs.

Big man hitting it

Well, he was right. I felt kind of stupid afterwards that I didn't see this beforehand =) I'll better listen to him next time. Can you imagine burpees were the "rest" period of the workout. The combo of box jumps and lunges was poisonous. Everything was unbroken. Had to shake my legs after every element to get them back in the game. The worst part was definitely lunges. I had a 15kg dumbbell in each arm. Those really smoked my legs.

Result was 6 full rounds, and there was enough time to complete the burpees but I had to do them right away, and speed up. Jasper hit pull-ups and burpees at the same time. It was kinda strange we finished our workouts at exact the same time even though the workouts and time work loads / rep schemes were different.

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