Monday, June 1, 2015

Weekend: Dream come true

Weekend. Crossfit Regionals!!!

As we are getting married with the love of my life this summer, Toni and my bro decided to throw a curveball and arrange a surprise trip to Copenhagen to watch the Crossfit Meridian Regionals! That was a dream come true that I never - when being awake - thought would come true.

The boys took me from work place in the morning and got as wearing Rogue team shirts. The main goal was to have fun throughout the weekend. Hit some workouts and enjoy the Regionals. Jonne Koski and Mikko Aronpää were competing on the men's side of things and Saara Laaksonen & Emilia Leppänen were representing the women. It turned out Jonne dominated the entire weekend and is traveling to Carson, California in the summer to challenge Mat Fraser and the other bog dogs! Congrats to Jonne for the victory, it was spectacular to watch him smash the workouts.


  • Overhead squat triples (40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75kg)

On Friday we did overhead squats in turns, it was triples starting from 40kg, and adding 5kg. One guy at a time, taking turns, not looking at the clock, no extra wait between sets. At first we did some muscle-up training with my bro, both ring and bar mu's. The affiliate "Crossfit Trykkeri" was sick. Big open space with a good atmosphere, and the athletes really looked like they have done crossfit for some time. Both guys and gals were doing it for real.

I got to climb up to 75kg for a double, I dropped the bar in front on the third rep. This was somehow more taxing on my shoulders than it normally is. It was a bit heavy already on the set of 60kg. I got down pretty well but it just fell sore on the shoulders. Legs were fine though. After the drop I decided not to play around with the bar because we had a grueling workout ahead of us.

Team wod.

  • In team of 3, complete
  • Row 1.500 in sets of 250m, and perform amrap of chest-to-bar pull-ups
  • Row 1.500 in sets of 250m, and perform amrap of squat clean, 70kg
  • Row 1.500 in sets of 250m, and perform amrap of wall balls, 9kg
  • Row 1.500 in sets of 250m, and perform amrap of shoulder-to-overhead, 70kg
  • Result, 121 C2B, 45 squat clean, 150 wall ball, 70 S2O

We wrote this together on the airplane or our way to Denmark. The idea was that someone was rowing all the time, 250 meters at a time, and goal was 1.500m. That means 2x250m for each. At the same time it was an amrap - as many reps as possible - of 4 different movements. Starting at c2b's. After hitting 1.500m of row, the movement changed to squat cleans, then at 3.000m it changed to wb's and finally at 4.500m it was basically jerks for the last leg of 1.500m.

This way we got a change to have everyone of us working all the time. That rowing element was a good one so there didn't come too much rest. I got 10 reps to start with the c2b's, then it was 6's and 5's till the end. Squat cleans were singles. On the wb's we decided to do them in 5's in order to minimize the rest periods. This was the easiest movement for me. Jerks in the end were tough but we all got them done properly even though there was a lot of work done prior to these. They got better towards the end. I'm very happy for this portion of the workout!


  1. You can check some pictures / videos of our journey on Instagram under #donscrew #donsbp =)


  2. Awesome weekend! Next year again but without bachelor party theme? ;)

  3. Yeah baby! How about going next level and head straight to Carson, California for the Games =)