Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tuesday 16.6: Clean and jerk, Burpees

Tuesday. Emom x 10min: 1 clean and jerk @ 80kg. Metcon, 50 burpees for time. Time, 1.57.

Quick session but a good one! Took a proper warm-up, then hit a 10 minute workout with a barbell. Practiced my movement patterns on olympic lifts. Then time was pretty much up for the day so I just put the clock running and went after 50 burpees for time.



  • Every minute on the minute, for 10 minutes
  • 1 clean and jerk, 80kg

This was a good weight to play around today. Body felt pretty good. It was surprising my legs weren't all smashed even though yesterday was a brutal one. They were cramping yesterday after the session but now it feels okay which was great news! That sled pull was a new thing so I thought my hamstrings would be devastated the next day.

Clean was the easy part, 80kg is not much for a squat clean. I utilized the same tips here as with the snatch. Patience on bringing the barbell up all the way up to the hips before pulling the barbell and dropping under. Worked better than before.

Jerks were okay, I was looking for tips from a weightlifter who has some eye over the movement patterns. So I tested out some stuff during the emom. Basically the foot work was the thing that was under experiments. That's the reason why some of the lifts felt a bit funny.


Metcon. Time, 1.57

  • 50 burpees for time
This didn't take too long. Just hit it. Chest to deck and back up. No reason to stop when there's only 50 reps to be done. This can be done with full throttle all the way. First minute was around 55 seconds so it slowed down a little bit because there simply wasn't enough strength in my shoulders. They started to burn and the movement got a bit slower even though I kept pushing with everything I had in my tank. Didn't stop for even a 0.25 seconds on top. Just kept moving. Very good finisher for the session!

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