Friday, September 11, 2015

Friday 11.9: Squats

Friday. Back squat (up to 138kg).

We went to the gym right after work with my baby. She worked on her rowing intervals and I was having a date with the barbell. Heavy back squats were on the agenda. Toni was working up to the evening, and our plan (that we had booked already a month ago) was to go and hit hero workout Murph right after when he is free. However, my throat has been sore for about 2 days so it wasn't worth the risk. I can pump some strength work but a bad ass metabolic conditioning is off the limits at this condition.


  • Back squat
  • 4x90kg
  • 4x108kg
  • 4x123kg
  • 3x138kg
  • 4x138kg
  • 4x138kg

Otherwise my body felt fine. No problem whatsoever. It was great to get some heavier squats under my belt. These were pre-determined weights, and it looked like a lot of stuff to be lifted at the end. Not that many sets but the last 3 sets were obviously going to be heavy. Okay at the end of Smolov's most intensive weeks there was a 10x3 at 138kg so I had good confidence on hitting each set. On the other hand I have never done 4 reps at this weight so there was something to be nervous also.


First 3 sets were pretty much warm-up sets. I did them in a quick cycle without having to stop and breath or recover the legs. On the 138kg's strategy was definitely different. I took them with a good pause on top before hitting another rep. It was great to knock all the sets as prescribed! Definitely heavy but they look easier on video than they felt in live situation.

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