Thursday, September 17, 2015

Thursday 17.9: Deadlift, Bench

Thursday. Deads 6x5 (up to 170kg). Bench 6x5 (up to 94kg).

Thursday was a pure strength day. Getting posterior chain stronger with classic 5-rep sets. I've renewed my thoughts about bench press, and at the moment it feels like a smart idea to incorporate that into my program. Definitely not the main focus but at least I'll add more of this element to my training. It is a weakness and I don't like to have those.

  • Deadlift 6x5 (150, 150, 160, 160, 170, 170kg)
  • Bench press 6x5 (70, 80, 85, 90, 92, 94kg)
Currently I'm planning on doing pulls from the ground on Thursday's. It seems to suit my weekly schedule well. My program is very flexible but for now it's put on this day but there will be changes constantly. I'm sure of it. Don't wanna be stuck on routines. This is not a routine, it's some sort of plan how to improve my overall fitness level.

Deadlifts today felt very good. Weights were something I was able to manhandle. Form stayed good throughout the session. I had Pauliina to coach me from the side, and I passed her coaching eye. That was success =) This was a 5-rep set, two sets at 150kg, then another double set at 160kg, and finally at 170kg. I felt strong on these loads. This is most challenging on the grip, hammies and back were fine. Chalk helped a lot this time.

Don't know where I got the inspiration to work on bench. It was probably the barbell shrugged podcast where the guys were discussing the benefits of benching. I realized this is a goat of mine, and it's not a cool thought. I'm gonna improve it, and make it more common lift in the strength element selection.

I benched twice last week, both at narrow grip. By narrow I mean it's the same width as when I pull from the ground or squat. Basically every time I have my hands on a barbell, I grab it from the same spot. Of course snatch / ohs is wider. Narrow feels much more natural for me. Way more steady and stabile. I'm able to produce more power in the press like this.

Deads and press

Today's weights were big PR's for me. I don't keep record on 3RM's or 5RM's but this was definitely a record. I might have pressed 5x90kg but I doubt it a lot. It's more likely 3x90kg. So hitting that easily, and climbing all the way up to 5x94kg was absurd. Haven't benched in ages but it has come up a lot is kind of cool. Even though it's just bench =)

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