Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Wednesday 23.9: Snatch, Clean, Metcon

Wednesday. Emom x 10min: 2 snatch (50kg). Emom x 10min: 2 power clean (80kg). Metcon, 4rds of: 500m row, 35 du, 20 medball slam.

Morning workout, huh, those are tough. Physically and mentally. However, this session I was looking forward to. I have been able to build up some positive anxiety towards snatches. That is something I'm really looking forward to improving in the future. Especially as there has been some coaching lately so it's easier to fix issues.

  • Every minute on the minute x 10min: 2 snatch (50kg)
  • Every minute on the minute x 10min: 2 power clean (80kg)
Two things that I just wrote about considering the starting position. First, shins got to be better vertically aligned before the barbell moves from the ground. Secondly, my eyes were glued to the floor before, now they are looking straight ahead / slightly upwards. These two corrections that I'm now trying to make permanent changes made today's lifts much more solid.

The big thing was that the snatches were consistent, and the bar didn't go to different places in every lift. These fixes also made the bar path some good changes, and I didn't have to catch the bar in front. It was much easier to catch the barbell and ride it down compared to what this used to feel / look like. I'm very happy to this current state. Got to just get more reps and practice on the snatch to make it better.

Cleans were light weight. Just needed to get some work done. Haven't cleaned that much lately so this was more like the fun part of the training session. Two reps per minute. In the beginning those were touch'n'go. Then in the end I focused on completing two singles per minute.

  • 4 rounds of:
  • 500m row
  • 35 double under
  • 20 medball slam, 9kg
Alright, there is another thing I need to fix in addition to snatches. It is double unders. There was a time I dominated the movement pretty well. Then, without any good reason I took a good break in them and since then it's been a bit of a challenge. I got too cocky toward du's. Got to be humble and keep practicing them and make them more effortless.

Today those were the toughest part of this workout for me. Sounds awkward to write it down because there were only 35 reps in each set. Last time I did these with Jasper in a partner workout and they went well so I entered this session with a thought of completing each set unbroken. Didn't do it in any of the rounds. That is not acceptable so it needs to be fixed. Got to find some room in she program for skills training.

Rowing was at 1.50 pace for the entire 2.000m total distance. My legs and butt are sore from yesterday's squats big time. Okay, that's no wonder, those 5x5 squats weighed a ton. Ball slams are actually a great movement. I'd like to see a 20kg ball at the gym but there isn't so I'm using what is available. Doing them unbroken keeps the heart rate high and burns legs. My legs in general were taking big hit in this workout.

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