Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday 18.9: Clean, Pair wod

Friday. Clean triples (up to 100kg). Pair wod, 3rds of: 50 pull-ups, 50 dips, 150 du's. Time, 17.40.

This Friday was more like a freestyle session. It says olympic lifts for Friday's nowadays so it was going to be either cleans or snatches. Jerks are out of limits due to painful elbows. Overhead seems to be the worst for that case. But today they were fine, and it's been a while since doing cleans. At least it feels like it. I've focused more on snatches lately. Jasper had matching schedules so it was great to throw down with this mister at the end of the session for a pair workout!


  • Clean triples (60, 70, 80, 90, 95, 100kg)
My lower back felt like it's done a lot of work in the past days so after warm-up I thought of hitting some clean singles at around 90 kilos. Built it up with triples at light weight, and they actually felt very good so I kind of stayed in that mode. At the end I realized there was 100kg's on the barbell for a triple. Not touch'n'go. Dropped it after every repetition, then took another one, didn't rush with the reps.

Felt pretty smooth in each set. Tried to focus on engaging my lats fully, keeping my shoulders back so the barbell would hit a notch higher on my hips. Weights felt good all the way.

Pair wod. Time, 17.40
  • In a team of two, perform
  • 3 rounds of:
  • 50 pull-up
  • 50 dip
  • 150 double under
This was a lot of fun. Getting the chance to do a workout with a friend rocks. We thought about doing a chipper or then a classic couple-of-rounds type of workout. This was something in between. The volume grew in good numbers. Three elements, 50 reps at bodyweight and 150 double unders per round. "You go - I go" style. Repeat for a total of 3 rounds.

Jasper started with the pull-ups. Once he did his max set, we high fives and changed roles. Alternating for as long as needed to get those 50 pull-ups in the books. And only after we had completed 50 reps of pull-ups we were allowed to move on to the dips. We didn't plan about how to divide the reps between us but we had our thoughts that I might be stronger on the pull-ups and Jasper would demolish the dips.

There was also a point for this reasoning. He did pull-ups strict so it was only natural that I would do more of them. And why did he control the dips? Because he is a pure savage on those. Very proud of how well he smashed them. Strong dude. On the double unders we agreed beforehand that we'd split them into sets of 25 reps, and take turns after each set so these were exactly 75/75 for both per round.

This got tougher by the round, no surprise there, but I'm pretty sure we had consistency in the round times. We didn't tap the timer so I can't guarantee but we didn't keep extra pauses at any stage. Okay, the sets weren't as big towards the end so there must have been some difference. Lats were so numb at some point that pull-ups weren't moving quicker, and on the dips my upper body in general was smashed. Anyway, good breather but mostly muscles hurt so much we weren't able to move faster.

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