Thursday, September 24, 2015

Thursday 24.9: Deads, Bench

Thursday. Deadlift 6x3 (up to 190kg). Bench 8x3 (up to 100kg).

This was a great day. I mean already before we opened the gym door it was a spectacular day at work. This carried on to the the training session as well. Deadlifts are scheduled to be on the agenda on a weekly basis, same as the bench. There wasn't time for a metcon. That would have included deads, ghd's and rowing.


  • Deadlift 6x3 (170, 170, 180, 180, PR 190, 190kg)
  • Bench press 8x3 (80, 85, 90, 92, 94, 96, PR 98, PR 100kg)
  • Bench singles (PR 105kg)

My notes said 6x3 at 180kg. However, as I was building it up to heavy triples the warm-up sets were at 100, 130 and 150 kilos. Decided to start counting my sets from 170kg on. Two sets at each weight. Those weights felt very good so I kept adding stuff on the barbell up to 190kg. Felt like my back and legs are pretty strong. I wouldn't like to use chalk at all because it dries by hands a lot and results on rips often but on heavy deadlifts that seems to be compulsory. It helped tremendously to chalk up.

I haven't done 190kg for a triple ever before. Maybe a double but not a triple. 5x180kg has been witnessed twice, and lately the pulls have felt good so this was no surprise. Probably could have pulled even more.

Bench was another element of today's session. One day I understood this is a weakness of mine so I'll throw in this one about once every week. Definitely not going to stress about it but at the moment it feels like a good idea. To be honest, it's not that isolated movement that I have considered it to be so it will most likely be beneficial to overall fitness.

My 1RM is 102.5, dating back to stone ages. But I have done it probably once every 3 months =) In the past two weeks I've been able to climb up to 5x94kg and 3x96kg. Today these were upgraded to 3x100kg for a 3RM. That was a distant dream which came real life today. My plan was not to take a single rep at all but Pauliina refused to accept it, and so she talked me into trying that. Probably one of the easiest PR's I've ever done. Usually those are a lot of grind but this one was quite comfortable. Feels good to getting stronger in the entire body.

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