Monday, September 21, 2015

Monday 21.9: Snatch, Snatch pulls

Monday. Snatch triples, 6x3 (50kg). Snatch pull triples, 6x3 (60-80kg).

Somehow I never achieved the killer mode this Monday towards the training session. Usually I'm waiting that eagerly, it's something I need right after a long work day. It's a way to level things, and zero my thoughts. Without a good training session I don't relax perfectly. However, today's session was not a success. Okay, there were good things too, and those are the ones I got to focus on.


  • Snatch, 6x3 @ 50kg
  • Snatch pulls, 6x3 (60, 60, 60, 80, 80, 80kg)

Something positive has happened on my mobility. Snatch in the bottom position was okay today, and I didn't feel like tight at any stage of the snatches. Hips and shoulders were both feeling alright. What bummed me a bit was that my plan also included heavy back squats but my back started to get stiff during the session which caused 90kg's to feel heavy on the squat. I really wanted to do those back squats.

On the bright side, snatches felt better than normally. Even depth was better than regularly. I got good teaching tips from one crossfit coach. Very valuable coaching from this guy. He told me to pay attention to my shins in the starting position. The point is to keep them as vertical as possible. It doesn't come easy but I'll try to focus on that in the future. Another thing is to keep the eyes directed straight ahead or even a bit higher. Currently I'm keeping my eyes to the floor. This enables me to open up my hips better in the future, and that is exactly what I need.

After couple of sets back squats I loaded the barbell again for snatch pulls. In the beginning I had 60kg bar, then jumped to 80kg. Focus was exactly on these two things. Shins vertical and eyes up. Start position still felt kind of awkward but it will get better for sure.

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