Saturday, September 5, 2015

Saturday 5.9: Tough Viking

Saturday. Tough Viking 2015 - contest.

Today was a different kind of day. Couple of months ago Jasper talked me and Toni into this competition called Tough Viking. At the moment he was doing his recruitment process, he didn't tell how the competition would end…

This was a 12km run with plenty of different styles obstacles. I believe there were 21 or 23 total tasks to be done before the finish line. Don't even remember what kind of stuff they had during the course but it started with a bunch of footballers tackling people to the ground and finishing with running through 10.000 volts of electricity. That is the little part Jazz "forgot" to mention when he suggested we'd hit this one.

Here's how it looked like one week ago in Stockholm, Sweden

It was a blast. This one also revealed that running is not my thing. Running itself felt good but my knees started to hurt at some point and the latter half of the race was a bit painful. Muscles felt good. Little cramps in the last kilometer. There were a lot of people so we had to queue to get to some of the obstacles. We had ups and downs for sure.

Maybe the coolest pieces were the ones where we had to get wet in the ocean for different reasons. I'm telling you, at this time of the year it's not very warm water. I thought it would be nasty as hell but in the end it kind of made good to get some cold recovery during the run. The weather was ugly for the entire day and it rained through most of the comp. However, it didn't matter at all. Instead, it brought that Rocky feeling as the mother nature was also testing us =)

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