Sunday, September 20, 2015

Saturday 19.8: Thruster, Burpee, Row

Saturday. Metcon, 3rds of: 1min db thrusters (2x15kg's), 1min burpees, 1min row for calories, 1min rest. Result, 170 reps

Exceptionally, I had a work day today and then we had some family gathering in the evening so there was just a short time window that needed to be utilized. There was not time for lots of action. More like short warm-up, 3-2-1 and go!

Metcon. Result, 170 reps

  • 3 rounds of:
  • 1min thrusters, 2x15kg dumbbells (22, 20, 20 reps)
  • 1min burpees (18, 18, 16 reps)
  • 1min row for calories (18, 18, 20 calories)
Pretty much a perfect workout. Didn't need lots of warm-ups to get ready for this one. On the other hand it would have probably been wise to focus on increasing heart rate before starting this workout. This included lots of heavy breathing, and it was a good shock to my system in the first round.

At least this was consistent work all the way. It was tough. On the thrusters my shoulders were burning big time. Knocked 22 reps on the first try, then 20 got me in trouble on the second round, and third was pure agony. I almost dropped the dumbbell on my left hand because I just couldn't hold on to it anymore. But somehow I managed to push through the last couple of reps to reach 20 reps.

Burpees were much heavier than normally after tiring my shoulders first on the thrusters. I still managed to match the pace on the second round but then couldn't hold on to this same pace on the last one. Dropped the result by two reps on the third.

Rowing was the nicest part of this one. Or let's say the least ugly of the three elements. It got to my entire body for sure every time. On the last round I was able to step the game up a little to get 2 more calories on the Concept2. Very intense action, good one for this Saturday!

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