Monday, September 7, 2015

Monday 7.9: Press, Muscle-ups, Pull-ups

Monday. Shoulder press 7x3 (across, 60kg). Bar mu's 5x7 reps. Cashout, 3 sets of Dog Bone pull-ups.

Sunday was a rest day. My knees were hurting a lot. They must have been inflamed - don't know why - but something in the race took its toll on my body. Haven't used to running for that long. Maybe that was the case. The obstacles were not that heavy anyway so that steady running had its effects. I guess we can all agree running is some sort of goat for me. Here's clear evidence for that. Or maybe I have a bad running technique. Don't know but I had to recover yesterday for the entire day. Just ate, rested and put lotions on my knees.

  • Shoulder press 5x40, 5x50kg
  • Shoulder press 7x3 (across, 60kg)
  • Push jerk 3x3 (across, 60kg)
Today lower body felt a lot better but I needed to let it take it easy for one more day. Shoulder press was a perfect way to start the week. My plan was to just hit some presses, without a strict plan. After taking 40kg and 50kg sets I decided to hit couple of triples at 60kg. It turned out to be 7 sets in total as shoulder presses. These felt good all the way. Semi-heavy but something I was able to handle well at these weights.

At the end of all the strict presses I took 3 sets of push jerks at the same weight. That means they were obviously light sets, focusing on explosiveness, quickness, and effectiveness. I took them as pause jerks too, as in pausing in the bottom of the dip for couple of seconds before bouncing up from the hole.

  • Bar muscle-ups 5x7
There was one guy doing so effortless muscle-ups that I got inspired to practice on those too. My plan was to do some sort of sets of pull-ups. Wanted to get a good bunch of them since I wasn't going to do a metcon anyway. So that plan was thrown at the waste bin and this replaced that plan. My lats were burning as much as in high rep pull-up workout. These were big sets for me as my max set if 10 reps.

Sick thing is that I tried different grips on this one. My palms are easily ripped off when doing lots of pull-ups or muscle-ups. I asked this one guy at the gym who happens to be a L2-trainer in his past life. He suggested to try monkey grip instead of regular grip. Tried both of them and maybe that monkey version didn't hurt as much in my palms. Instead, it put more pressure on the wrist and that suited me well. Got to try out this stuff in the future to get a proper perception of what's best in my situation.

  • Dog Bone pull-ups, 3 sets (10, 7, 9 reps)
This was the second time I touch on the Dog Bone by Rogue. It really is shaped like a dog bone, a big one. This is a good test for grip strength as you can't wrap your fingers around it. Plus when you do pull-ups there, it turns and twists around, which makes an additional difficulty level. I took 3 sets at the end of this session. First set was 10 reps, second one 7 and the last one 9 reps. Especially on the second set my left hand started to slip before pulling strength wore out. This gotta be a good accessory tool to strengthen grip and pulling strength.

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