Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sunday 27.9: Shoulder press, Clean, Pistol, Push-up

Sunday. Shoulder press 5-5-5-5-5 (up to 61kg). Emom x 30min. 1st min, 3 power clean (80kg). 2nd min, 12 pistols. 3rd min, 15 push-up. Accessory. 10 ghd's.

Great to get a good long session in the books. No rush, just quality time at the gym. Shoulder press is something that has not been in the system lately. Metcon was long version of emom workout. Then a good bunch of core work in the end. Yammy.


  • Shoulder press 5-5-5-5-5 (50, 55, 57, 59, 61kg)

This has been off the program because I have wanted to push press or jerk the bar overhead. However, it seems that this elbow pain is quite consistent when talking about heavier weights overhead. Shoulder press seemed like a good way to get shoulder burn with lighter weights too, building on pure shoulder strength.

Some time ago I did strict press triples at around 60kg. Today's agenda was 5's all the way. Starting at 50kg, building up to 61kg. I felt good on all of these sets, and happy on being able to push it to 61kg at heaviest. Maybe shoulder press could be the way to get stuff overhead without teasing elbows too much.



  • Every minute on the minute x 30min
  • 1st min, 3 power clean, 80kg
  • 2nd min, 12 pistol squat
  • 3rd min, 15 push-up
Long emom. Some time ago I did these much more, 21-30min emoms. Those are usually tough mentally. This was no exception in that sense. Pistols got me in the end. These have usually been mostly bodyweight in my case but today I decided to throw some cleans in the mix. Those worked well. 80kg reps for a triple every third minute. Working on mechanics. The weight itself wasn't the issue, it moved around pretty well.

Pistols were the toughest on this one. Okay, I got them unbroken every round but they were challenging mentally and physically. Those wore my legs out and by mid-workout they felt horrible. I was shaking back and forth when doing those, but got them done anyway as planned. Alternating legs after each rep.

Push-ups are basic element that is rarely seen in my workouts. They are always a good option though so somehow I got them thrown in this workout. This amount was okay. 15-20 was the range. Don't know if 20 would have been too much in the end. On the other hand, I got these done unbroken quite nicely. Breathing stayed under control but on the pistol squats it was probably higher than otherwise.

  • 100 ghd sit-ups
My hip flexors were on fire because of all the one-legged squats but I still wanted to get some core work done in the form of ghd sit-ups. Took 4 sets of 25 reps, with no timer running in the background. First 2 sets felt fine, third was a notch tougher and the last one was a good battle.

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