Thursday, September 3, 2015

Thursday 3.9: Squat, Deads, Sled, Pull-ups, Burpees

Thursday. Back squat (up to 138kg). Deadlift 3x10 (across 150kg). Emom x 21min. 1st min:  20m sled push, 2nd min: 12 pull-up, 3rd min: 12 burpee.

This was a cool day. No rush at all so I had a good bunch of stuff to be done at the gym. However, food intake today was not as good as I would have liked to have so that affected energy levels. Mostly on the conditioning part. Food really makes a difference. The food at work was really not food, and my second lunch (before training session) included no meat at all so there's something to be learned from this day. Usually my nutrition is right on point.


  • Back squat (3x90, 3x108, 4x123, 3x138, 5x130, 5x130kg)
  • Deadlift 3x10 (across, 150kg)

Couple of heavier squat sets. In case you're wondering about the kilos, this is probably some sort of percentage work. The last couple of squat sessions have been continuance to Smolov so I'm not determining those weights by myself but I rely on the system. Last time my butt cheeks and hamstrings got sore from back squats but they recovered well for this session.

Those last three sets seemed heavy, and they were but definitely doable. In the process I realized my legs can carry this kind of weights pretty well. Okay, there has to be a pause after every rep before knocking another one.

Last Friday I took pulls from the wall, big sets at 120, 130, and 140kg's for 10 reps. That time I left the session with a feeling that more could be in the tank for these sets. I carried that thought to today's session and redeemed my promise. Three sets of 10 reps, across at 150kg. First set was alright. On the second one - which you can see on the recap video - my grip started to slip big time on probably rep number 4. Somehow I was able to hold on to the barbell and finish the set. Finally it was only on my fingers.

I learned from that and chalked my hands for the third set. Two first ones were chalk free zone. That really made a difference and the last one had no grip issues. It was just heavy. The last couple of reps to be precise. Felt very good to pull semi-heavy (heavy for 10 reps) from the ground.

Squats and deads


  • Every minute on the minute x 21min of:
  • 1st min, 20m sled push
  • 2nd min, 12 pull-up
  • 3rd min, 12 burpee

Here I realized the energy levels were not where they should be. I was breathing heavily after couple of minutes. Really after the first round my heart rate was clearly higher than it should be. Sled was not heavy for sure but it took a toll on my shoulders and legs too. Pull-ups were the easiest part of this one. They definitely got uncomfortable at certain point but they were most definitely to be done unbroken.

Burpees were not fun. In the beginning, no biggie. But then it started to feel like each of these three elements brought pressure on my shoulders, and they got fatigued. Especially on the burpees when it was time to push my body back up from the floor. I'm happy about the session in general, strength work was right where it was supposed to be, and metcon served its purpose.

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