Friday, September 4, 2015

Friday 4.9: Snatch, Clean, Row

Friday. Snatch 10x1 (across, 60kg). Emom x 10min: 1 squat clean @ 90kg. Cashout, 2k easy row.

Today was a day with less action and volume. Tomorrow is going to be a different kind of sports day so I laid back today, kind of. No metcon whatsoever, just couple of pulls from the ground, oly lifts. Rowing was easy pace, programmed just to flush legs and get some recovery for the body.

  • Snatch 10x1 (across, 60kg)
It was a positive signal that I was able to make a good bunch of these lifts at 60 kilos. It's kind of pathetic that the loads are at this level. That's why I'm looking to make them better. My posture seems to be leaning forward when I catch the barbell. That creates some issues, and I actually missed three attempts in front as I wasn't able to stabilize the bar. When leaning back and having weight on the heels it's much more stable. But it's difficult to land like that.

  • Every minute on the minute x 10min of:
  • 1 squat clean @ 90kg
Definitely not heavy. These were about 80% of my max. Wasn't going to make any max efforts today. Just wanted to couple of reps in the bank. No biggie on the legs, light weight. On the first reps my front rack position felt very tight on the lats and shoulders but after some mobility between reps I got them ready for the game.

  • 2k row
Active recovery. This was a good call to get the legs back to feeling rather fresh. Pace was at 1:53 for the first kilometer and 1:55 for the second one. I changed the damper setting from 7 to 5 for the latter half of this one.

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