Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Tuesday 15.9: Overhead, Hang clean, Box, Row

Tuesday. Overhead complex, push press + push jerk + split jerk (5x75kg). Metcon, 15min amrap of: 10 hang power clean (50kg), 15 box, 20 cal row.

Today was a joyous day. We got a chance to go and see our friends' newborn baby. Okay we went to see that little guy already when he was couple days old but today he already looked like a human being so that was a lot of fun =) That's the reason my session was quite late in the evening today. Elbows hurt like hell without any good reason so the strength part wasn't right on the spot but metcon worked pretty well.


  • Complex of:
  • Push press
  • Push jerk
  • Split jerk
  • 5 sets @ 75kg

To be honest my plan was to do 8 sets of this complex at 80kg working on speed and explosiveness but that wasn't going to happen. These elbows were okay in the beginning but pretty sooner started to remind what's going on. I really like to have a barbell overhead and was looking forward to this one so it was a bit of a downer.

Metcon. Result, 5 rounds rounds + 15 box

  • 15min amrap of:
  • 10 hang power clean, 50kg
  • 15 box jump
  • 20 cal row

My metcon originally looked like 15min amrap of 3 muscle-ups, 10 push jerks and 20m sled pull. That sled pull was going to be so that I would stand still and pull the sled with a long rope. It would have kicked my butt good time. Maybe some other day.

I kept the cleans light because I didn't want to tease elbows too much. This weight was okay for them anyway. And they felt good throughout the metcon. Light weight so it was unbroken each round. It got to my legs, felt a good burn there. Upper back was alright all the time, as well as grip. Breathing was going heavy on these, as well as in every element of the wod.

Box jumps were heavier than normally but they must be done unbroken if the number of reps is this low. No other option. On the rower I didn't stare at the digits and don't have any idea how fast / slow the boat was moving. All in all, this workout was good. Didn't stress about the pace that much but it was going to be unbroken for sure. After 15 minutes were up I finished the round by rowing the required 20 calories to get 6 full rounds.

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