Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sunday 20.9: Mu's, Handstand, Sled pull

Sunday. Skills, muscle-ups (15 reps). Workout, 10rnft of: 15m sled pull, 5m handstand walk.

Empty gym in the Sunday evening. Two guys spent some time there but other than that, I was there all by myself. This was more skills oriented session with muscle-ups and handstand walk included. New element was also brought up in the form of sled pull, standing. I might have once done it before.


  • Ring muscle-ups
  • Total of 15 repetitions

It's been some time since previous muscle-up session. This one always gets a little butterflies in the stomach as I don't know how they will go. But when I jump on the rings, something good usually happens. They are not yet at the level that I would be comfortable throwing them into metcons but maybe it could be a good idea to mix them up in conditioning pieces too.

On the first set I was looking to make a triple but failed on the last rep for some reason. The following sets were triples then up to 14 reps. That's the reason why I took one single at the end of the session to compensate the first set that stayed a little shy.


  • 10 rounds not for time of:
  • 15m sled pull, standing (55-80kg sled)
  • 5m handstand walk

Wanted to get something totally different to close the week. Handstand was anyway going to be in the workout of the day so I threw in some sled pulls as a couplet. This was not for time. Haven't probably ever done handstand walks in a metcon, and this was also more like for quality. But I didn't give too much slack to myself. Especially after the handstand my plan was to shake it off, walk to the rope and start pulling.

After sled I took more break because my skills in handstand are not perfect and I needed that break in order to cover some distance on the handstand. In the beginning it was much tougher but got easier the more I practiced. This was a fun workout, variety to a traditional crossfit workout even though the elements were not new.

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