Thursday, September 10, 2015

Thursday 10.9: Deadlift, Bench

Thursday. Metcon, 10-8-6-4-2 of: deadlift (150kg), bench (70kg). Time, 6.20.

Throat is a bit sore so I took it light this Thursday. I had another metcon in my back pocket consisting of rowing and double unders which would couplet as a great conditioning piece but that will be postponed to another session. Today was about push and pull with a barbell.

Metcon. Time, 6.20

  • 10-8-6-4-2 of:
  • Deadlift, 150kg
  • Bench press, 70kg
This was a quick one. Couple of minutes. I wasn't rushing through both movements. Took my time. Wanted to complete them unbroken. The deadlift was rather heavy anyway so I didn't wanna compromise my form on this one. Straight back is the key in pulling heavy from the ground. That definitely put my hamstrings on a good burn.

The weight was perfect for deads. Back took these well. It mostly put pressure on my legs. Grip stayed strong on every round because I chalked my hands before every set but it also hurt like hell on my hands at the end of the workout.

Bench is something I haven't done in ages. And probably am not going to do as strength because I'm always bored to death when doing so. But in metcons bench is okay element. I have nothing against it to be honest. However, it's a bit different compared to for example cleans where you can approach the bar, then start gripping and ripping it. On bench I feel like I need to get my form good before lifting the bar from the rack. That takes some time.


This workout was a good one. I used to do this sometimes when I began my crossfit journey in 2012, with different weights though. It wasn't a big gasser. Had to slow down because I really wanted to go unbroken.

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